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Ternio Virtual Debit Card

You can deposit Ternio TERN — among over a dozen other cryptocurrencies — into your BlockCard Visa Card dashboard for the perfect Ternio debit card experience. Use Ternio to fund your Ternio virtual debit card, make purchases online, and use your virtual and plastic debit cards wherever Visa is accepted.

Circulating Supply:
334,161,876 TERN
Max Supply:
922,811,615 TERN

TERN is Ternio’s own digital currency and is the payment token used on all Ternio products. Every BlockCard Visa Card uses TERN as the default spendable asset. All non-TERN deposits such as Bitcoin are converted to TERN when deposited in the BlockCard Visa Card dashboard. The value of TERN is tied to usage of the BlockCard Visa Card ecosystem. As users deposit on BlockCard Visa Card, the value of TERN increases. As people spend, the value decreases. We have worked hard to build utility of TERN into the functionality of BlockCard Visa Card.

TERN can also be used outside of the BlockCard Visa Card ecosystem to facilitate cross-asset transfer of value at a fraction of a penny. TERN is as good as cash when used with BlockCard Visa Card as it can be used at over 50 million merchants worldwide, or at most ATMs to be converted directly into cash.

TERN is Ternio’s own digital currency and is the payment token used on all Ternio products.

Launched by a team based in the United States, Ternio aims to accelerate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency into everyday life by providing white-label technology to enterprise clients that gives blockchain and cryptocurrency real-world application. With its two products Lexicon and BlockCard, Ternio has addressed the issues related to blockchain scalability and payment utility of cryptocurrency.

Ternio’s patent-pending blockchain framework called Lexicon is reportedly 3rd party verified at over 1 million transactions per second and is used by enterprise clients in high transaction environments.

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