Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.

Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.

Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.


Not currently supported on BlockCard; data on currently unsupported cryptocurrencies is included for your convenience.

NEO is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain application platform for issuing digitized identities and creating digitized assets and smart contracts. NEO hopes to create a more secure platform and smart economy.

NEO issues and manages digitized assets like the NEO token and GAS token. In its Genesis Block, a hundred million NEO tokens were created. Early investors bought the initial fifty million NEO tokens. The remaining fifty million NEO tokens are unlocked in fifteen million increments each year to fund the NEO team’s long-term development goals.

Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, NEO is an open-source, community-driven application platform. NEO sets itself apart from other platforms by being regulatory compliant and issuing digital identities to businesses and individuals who operate on the NEO platform. NEO offers multi-language support, complete infrastructure, and a robust developer community so that developers can leverage the NEO blockchain platform to:

      • Contribute to the Neo blockchain infrastructure
      • Digitize assets in a secure decentralized network
      • Harness DeFi to transform financial instruments in transparent and trustless protocols
      • Integrate blockchain features into gaming

NEO blockchain technology includes:

  • A consensus algorithm with stability, TPS, and single block finality
  • A scalable, cross-platform virtual machine
  • A multi-language, cross-platform smart contract system
  • A customizable decentralized identity protocol
  • A distributed object storage solution
  • A voting mechanism for on-chain governance
  • A dual token economic model that optimizes on-chain governance
  • Built-in oracle component for smart contracts to access external resources

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