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Top Five Ethereum Defi Stablecoins

Top Five Ethereum Defi Stablecoins Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is one of the latest innovations that has emerged out of the blockchain-powered, decentralized economy. Primarily developed on the Ethereum chain, DeFi apps provide users with classical banking services but in a decentralized, borderless way, thus enabling anyone around the world with an internet connection to…

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How to Buy Bitcoin With a Wire Transfer Using BlockCard

There are multiple ways investors can buy bitcoin today. But sometimes, the easiest way is also the best. Learn how to buy bitcoin with a wire transfer using a BlockCard bank account. What is Bitcoin? Before we jump into how to buy bitcoin with a wire transfer, let’s quickly recap what bitcoin is and why…

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Lending Stablecoins with Decentralized Finance

Lending Stablecoins with Decentralized Finance Stablecoins like DAI and USDC experienced strong growth in the second quarter of 2020, as USDC moved from $700 million to $1.1 billion, and DAI moved from $100 million to $150 million. This exponential growth came right after half a billion dollars was invested in Compound, triggered by the launch…

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How to Get a Bitcoin Debit Card in Minutes

Discover how you can get a bitcoin card in a matter of minutes and start spending bitcoin anywhere bank cards are accepted. What is a Bitcoin Debit Card? A bitcoin debit card is a prepaid debit card that you can top-up using bitcoin and use to make payments in fiat currency anywhere that allows you…

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BlockCard Visa Debit Card: Features, Benefits & Rewards for Crypto Users

Learn about Blockcard’s crypto Visa card and how it has transformed the concept of digital asset spending. The Card The BlockCard Visa debit card was developed in response to BlockCard’s recognition of a significant gap between digital currencies and the real-world economy. Holders of digital assets had almost no options when it came to using…

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Staking TERN: How to Earn Staking Rewards as a BlockCard Holder

Staking crypto has become one of the most popular ways to earn income on existing cryptocurrency investments. BlockCard holders have the ability to earn staking rewards every time they spend money using the marketing-leading crypto-back rewards debit card. Discover how easily you can earn crypto staking rewards when you use your BlockCard Visa Debit Card….

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How to Yield-Farm TERN on Uniswap

With the recent growth of new Ethereum based protocols in DeFi, we’re seeing an exploding trend of users being able to share in the upside of the protocol’s growth. One of the initiatives turning a lot of heads is Yield Farming, specifically on Uniswap.  Uniswap is a  fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on…

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Bitcoin Banking: How BlockCard Provides a Full-Service Crypto Banking Experience

Discover the features and benefits of Blockcard’s full-service bitcoin banking platform that allows you to integrate cryptocurrency into your everyday banking transactions. BlockCard: How to Get Started Blockchain enthusiasts have long awaited the arrival of a bitcoin banking service that can make cryptocurrency transactions commonplace in everyday life. With the help of BlockCard, users will…